Poll: Which Type of Fake Nails Do You Prefer?

Bailey user her nails for a Rim DelayThis Poll idea comes from Florian Hess, a member of the Karsruhe team who won the Co-Op world title two years in a row (2016-17). One of the main skills that makes Freestyle Frisbee unique from other disc sports is the nail delay; the act of spinning the disc on one’s fingernail. To enhance this skill, most players wear fake nails. As such a number of nail “suppliers” have sprung up. That is to say, several players make fake nails and sell of give them to other players. Still, other players make their own nails. This poll asks the question, which nails do you prefer? Let us know in the comments why. See below for a more detailed description of each nail.


Which Fake Nails Do You Prefer?

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Heinnails (made by Matt Gauthier) and Yarnails (Made by Dan Yarnell) are made from dental acrylic. They are very hard and durable. Hein Nails come from molds so there are different, consistent sizes. Yarnails are made individually and so have more variation but also more art…colors and designs.

Lou Sommeral makes Bonenails, which are carved from bones. They are very nice, and look really cool. Lou dies them and the bone has natural pores.

Manicured nails, where people go into a nail salon and get fake nails that are extra thick. These stay on all the time so there’s no need for glue before jamming.

Alinails and Toby nails are made by Ali and Toby. I don’t know how they do it. Maybe they can comment.

I’ve not heard of Shellworthnails but my guess is they are made from sea shells.

Krazygluenails would be ones made from Krazy Glue tubes. Players cut them out from the tube. Many years ago, this was the primary nail in use.

Self made would be any that you make yourself. Let us know how you do it.

Other are any that don’t fit the categories above. Let us know what we missed.

Ryan Young Demonstrates the Back Roll

Ryan Young explains how to back roll. The back roll is like a chest roll, except the disc rolls down the backside of your arm and then across your back. Many people finish by letting the disc roll to your elbow and turning fast to shoot it back up. This is the style Ryan calls “the buckle“.

Ryan explains how this is done in masterful detail so give it a watch. If you need more, here’s another video and explanation. If you have any questions, leave a comment.


Episode 27: The V-Bros Rock Star Stories from the 1980’s

Erwin was not Jens’s first partner…find out who was. Erwin reflects on disc sports the last 40 years (and yes, he is one of the few that can claim to have won the World Title in 4 different decades.) He thinks the sport is going in the right direction, but both Jens & Erwin realize they were in on the ground floor of something special. Interesting to hear how Jens & Erwin differentiated between the two worlds of shows and tournaments. Will we ever see the V-Bros never been seen before Thriller routine?

Poll: What is Your Favorite Post Jam Beverage?

Photo by Kristýna Landová

Now that FPAW 2017 has concluded, it’s time to relax and jam for the pure joy of it. There’s really nothing like a good jam with good friends. You play until you’re exhausted and then play some more. And finally, when you can jam no longer, you sit down and rest, awash in a wave of contentment. How could it possibly get better? Ah, yes, a good beverage to replenish the body and soul. This poll asks: What is Your Favorite Post Jam Beverage?


What is Your Favorite Post Jam Beverage?

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Jake Demonstrates Eating Crow

Eating Crow is a third world scarecrow. First, place the disc upside down in your mouth. Bite down on it so the rim is just behind your canine teeth. Bend forward and then toss your head back, throwing the disc up with a third world spin. As it spins count the rotations to get the timing. Now, catch a scarecrow. Time the catch with the disc rotation so the it is flat when your hand arrives.

Once you perfect this trick, then next question, what trick leads up to having the disc in your mouth. If you have an idea, let me know in the comments.


Episode 26: Carolyn Hubbard and Stacy McCarthy on Their Discovery of Freestyle

Find out how one of the greatest women’s teams ever, Carolyn Yabe (now Hubbard) and Stacy Anderson (now McCarthy) came together at Colorado State, started playing Freestyle, and soon after won their first World Championship in 1983. It was the Coloradicals that provided much of the inspiration and after joining the Grateful Disc Club, they “got the fever!” Hear about their shared journey of moving from the regimented sport of swimming to finding true joy in the self expression, creativity, and freedom that Freestyle encouraged. Find out their strategy for choreographing their routines. After listening to their memories of playing on Friday afternoons in the La Jolla Cove, you’ll be planning your next trip to San Diego. 

FPAW 2017 Day 3 Results (part 2)

Some notes about Pool B

  • Though only 2 judges scores are shown per category, the totals include all 3 judges.
  • Sacha Hohne and Dan Lustiger scratched due to Dan’s injury. We wish him a speedy recovery.
  • Due to unclear music file name labelling, the music person played their 3 minute music. When the music stopped at the 3 minute mark and Tom Leitner and Daniel O’Neill stopped playing for 10+ seconds, thinking they were done. This caused the judges to give them execution deductions and 0 marks in Diff. When they realized what happened they played out the rest of the time. They ended up in 5th place, not making the cut to the finals. It was decided in the “Spirit of the Game” to allow them into the finals as a 9th team.