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Growth of the Sport Circle Diagram

Circle Diagram of Growth

frisbeeguru.com is a hub for Freestyle Frisbee content. Our mission is to aid in the growth of Freestyle Frisbee. We view growth as a circle diagram. On the outside are all the people in the world. The next level are people who have heard of Freestyle Frisbee. Inside that are the fans. In the center are the people who actively play. Notice that for someone to become a player, they must first have heard of it and then have become a fan. Each ring of the circle is as important as the last.

By sharing our love and passion for Freestyle Frisbee, we believe the circles will expand and the sport will grow. Our goal is to engage people no matter their relationship with Freestyle Frisbee so they may move seamlessly through the diagram. In other words, create more fans and create more players.

For people who have never heard of Freestyle Frisbee, they can learn, “What is Freestyle Frisbee.” From there they may become fans. The Live Stream page brings events to those who enjoy watching competition and now includes replays and results. In addition, player and tournament director interviews help add depth to the personalities of our sport. Who doesn’t enjoy getting to know a player so they can root them on during a competition?

FabioWe also feature a unique Podcast, Shooting the Frizbreeze, which discusses all things Freestyle Frisbee: a great way to get to know the players, the politics, the technology, the history, and just enjoy getting to know the sport.

For those ready to learn some tricks, there’s the Heinsville – Learn to Jam section full of videos and articles. This section ranges from very specific (how to nail delay and how to throw with spin), to more conceptual (why wear fake nails and face the wind). If someone is ready for competition, there’s help on putting together routines.

And, there’s always new content: new Podcasts every Sunday, and at least twice a week a new Poll, Interview, Live Stream, Result, Tutorial, Word of the Day, or other interesting content.

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