How to Spin

In this video, Ryan Young teaches us how to spin. Spinning is a way to add a restriction to a trick. If you attendĀ a Freestyle Frisbee competition, you’ll often see competitors spinning before a big catch. It is one of the most common tricks in the game after the nail delay, air brush, and a few throws andĀ catches.

While the disc is in the air, spin around before you catch or take control of the disc again. The more spins you do, the harder the trick so spinning fast without getting dizzy is the key. Also, you need to track the disc as you spin. Ryan explains how to practice these skills.

How to Throw with Spin – Backhand

Jake Gauthier demonstrates how to throw a frisbee with lots of spin.

In Freestyle Frisbee, one of the main tricks is to spin the frisbee on your fingernail. So, you want to throw with as much spin as you can so you or your partner can do as many tricks as possible.

This particular throw is a backhand, which is one of the most common frisbee throws. So, starting with a regular back hand, you would grip the disc extra tight, then wind your arm behind your leg. Finally, unwind to throw. As you release, pull back your arm towards your leg. It’s a little like snapping a towel.