Another Easy Combo to Practice

Ryan Young shows us another easy combo to practice. This combo is a good one in that it included consecutive moves of multiple skills.

Set the disc flat under your right leg, then tip it under your left leg. Then pull it under your left leg and do a rim set to a piccolo catch. If you can do this one, make a variation and post a video of yourself doing it…link in the comments below.

Alien Birth Ritual

Matt Gauthier demonstrates how to do the Alien Birth Ritual. This move has become legend because it has an awesome name and because very few people can do it. In fact, very few people can even describe it.

It starts with a birth. However, you pivot on the “birthing leg” to extend the against the spin pull. Then you set it up and immediately pull a juice.

It took Matt two tries to do it for the video…hence the cut.

Learn the Hal Delay

Matt Gauthier explains how to perform a sequence he calls the Hal Delay. This starts as a kneeling delay hold. Then the disc is set up flat and you switch hands and legs and return to a delay hold. This is a challenging trick because it involves both hands in restricted positions. It is also consecutive in that each delay hold is performed with out any unrestricted disc control.

Matt calls this the Hal Delay as a tribute to Hal Erickson, the first person Matt and I saw perform this sequence. Perhaps Hal or someone else has a different name for it.