City vs City: Seattle vs Bologna 2017

City vs City: Seattle vs Bologna 2017 – TEST EVENT – Click here to learn more about this event

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Event: City vs City: Seattle vs Bologna 2017
Dec 16 @ 20:30 (UTC+1)

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City vs City

About City vs City

Welcome to City vs City, the first ever online Freestyle Frisbee competition. We are very excited and grateful that you tuned in to be a part of this adventure. Let me say, right up front, that this is a test – so things may not likely go to plan. It may end up that we do not complete the competition and all just go jam instead. That’s why I call this “an adventure.”  Without your support though, we would not be able to test this concept; so, Thank You!
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The vision: We want to expand the reach of Freestyle Frisbee competition by allowing more people to participate, and by putting focus on the packaging of the event. City vs. City is the realization of that goal. 
  • Each participating city builds a team of 5 players. 
  • Using an online format, cities compete against each other without the need to travel. 
  • Being online only, it can be produced into an online “show” that could attract more viewers than would occur with a standard freestyle event. 
  • This inaugural event is Seattle vs Bologna.
The Teams – FPA ranking of players
Team Bologna
Gianluca Bertoncelli – 135
Andrea Poli – 74
Mattia Lambertini – 68
Andrea Piemontese – 60
Manuel Cesari – 18
Team Seattle
Bob Boulware – 261
Cindy St. Mary – 205
Mike Galloupe – 52
Randy Silvey – 9
Ryan Young – 5
The Competition Format:
This is a battle style format where each player or group of players will play head-to-head. 3 judges, who are watching via the online video conference, will assess the play and choose a winner. The judges are seasoned Freestyle Players and may use any criteria they see fit based on their expertise. The player’s job is to go out and “shred to impress” the judges.
The Technology
This is important to mention early, because it is what enables these remote locations to compete in real-time. All locations will be connected via a web based video conference. Each location can see every other location in the conference. Each site will have it’s own music system and can play whatever music they like, but only during competition please :-). 
The locations: Seattle, Bologna, Jake’s Tech Room, Judge 1, Judge 2, Judge 3. 
The Contest
  1. First, each team will form into a sub-teams; a Co-op sub-team and a Pairs sub team. Each player must play on one or the other sub-team. Each team must write on a piece of paper their Co-op team and their pairs team. When asked, they will reveal who is on which team to the camera. 
  2. The Co-op teams will play first. Which city’s Co-op team will play first will be chosen by a disc toss. The event host will toss the disc: Heads for Seattle, Tails for Bologna. Then each Co-op team will play for 3 minutes. At the end, the judges will render a vote for a the team they feel played the best. The team with the most votes wins 1 point.
  3. After, the Pairs teams will play. The losing team from Co-op will choose which City will go first of Pairs. The Pairs teams will play for 2 minutes. At the end, judges will render a vote for the team they feel played the best. The team with the most votes wins 1 point.
  4. Finally, teams will play in a 1v1 battle format. Each team will write on a piece of paper which team player (from their CIty) they’ll send to battle first. When asked by the Host, the players’ names are revealed. The losing team the previous round (Pairs or the last Battle of 1v1) will choose which City goes first. Each player receives 1 throw and does their best trick. At the end, the three judges will render a vote for the player they feel played the best. That player’s team wins 1 point. This cycle continues until all 5 players from each team have played, with each battle being worth 1 point.
  5. At this point the team with the most points is the winner. 
The Judges
Judge 1 – Paul Kenny
Judge 2 – Bill Wright
Judge 3 – Jan Schreck
Backup Judges (Jake & Lori)
The Hosts
Lori Daniels
Jake Gauthier

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