AFO Live Stream Update – New Camera

This camera will bring the HEIN to your computer screen.

This camera will bring the HEIN to your computer screen.

Today I picked up a new (to me) Sony HDR-PJ540 camera. This means the live streaming gear is now equipped with 3, HD sony cameras. While far from being a professional, or even prosumer level camera, it has some nice features that should improve the live stream from AFO 2014. First, it has a microphone input. This will allow for conducting interviews or picking up audience reactions without the background hiss that comes with many built in microphones. Second, it has a very good stabilization system that will hopefully improve action shots. Third, is that it is still fairly cost effective, though it is more expensive than the other two cameras (Sony HDR-CX220) currently in the kit.

These guys, directed by human volunteers, will bring you AFO 2014.

Directed by human volunteers, these will bring you AFO 2014.

So, with wirecast loaded and the new camera in hand, it’s time to do some testing. I have always strived to run these streams on a very small budget. As such, the other cameras are the lowest entry level models and don’t include anything beyond the basic point and shoot video features. Not only am I looking forward to learning some of the advanced features of this camera, but I really think that it will improve the quality and capability of the AFO 2014 live stream, which is part of the overall vision.

Anyone subscribed to my ustream channel may see the stream go on and off. Feel free to tune in and let me know how it looks. Perhaps later I’ll do an official test broadcast.

Also, thank you to everyone who has donated to help make this possible. Funds were directly applied towards this camera. Of course, there’s still time to donate to the AFO stream, or to tell your friends that this is worthy cause. All help is extremely appreciated. Sharing our sport and spreading the jam are truly a community effort.

Stay tuned for more updates. I’ll talk about my budget, progress on testing, any marketing efforts that are underway, and more! Also, would anyone out there like a writeup on my live stream setup? Maybe it could help others build their own. Or is there anything else that you want to hear about? Let me know in the comments.