Poll: What Spin do You Take?

Lori throwing clock

Lori Throws Clock Spin – Grrrr

When freestyler’s meet one another for the first time, the first question is, “what spin do you take?” The answer to this question could change how they treat each other forever. Will they throw clock? counter? third world? Or does it even matter?

For this weeks poll, let’s find out if there’s a dominant spin in the world. When someone asks you what spin you take, how do you answer?

When someone asks what spin you take, how do you answer?

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Anyone have any good stories about this conversation?

Episode 11: Jeff Felberbaum’s Tenuous Relationship with Frisbee

Jeff FelberbaumJeff Felberbaum was recently inducted into the freestyle hall of fame as part of the initial inductee class. He was also the winner of the 1979 and 1981 Rose Bowl and one of the original Washington Square Wizards.

  • Jeff shares how a simple overhand wrist flip caught his eye from a school window and eventually lead him to Washington Square Park where his game matured.
  • Jeff shares his fascination with the disc, and gets introspective about his motives for playing.
  • He also talks about being part of Krae Van Sickle Disc Dance Project.
  • Why did he put down the frisbee for 30 years?

Jeff’s Hall of Fame Induction

Poll: Have You Read the Competition Manual

Reading the Comp ManualFor those of you who compete at FPA events, the event is run and judged based on the competition manual. It defines the divisions, the pools, number of judges, judging categories, seeding, and all other aspects of how the competition works. Most events that are not FPA events still use many of the themes and concepts laid out in this manual.

When I first started competing I had no idea that such a manual existed. I was already overwhelmed by the welcoming people and amazing talent. I learned by following their example. As I got more serious competition I took the time to read the manual cover to cover. There were several “aha” moments for me. Like how the seeding worked and why being ranked high is an advantage. Also, if your music messes up you can restart your routine, something Matt and I ended up using later on. It also improved my understanding of what judges look for so I could tune my choreography.

Since that time, the competition manual has been revised. I’m embarrassed to say that I have only read bits and pieces. That plus my previous experience seems to be enough to get by. Then again, I was able to get by for several of my early years without reading it at all.

This weeks question, how much of the competition manual have you read?

How much of the FPA competition manual have you read?

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When you read it, what did you learn?

Paganello 2017 – Results

PaganelloSee the team lists here. The semifinals had 2 pools, A and B, each with 3 teams. In a pool, teams played head to head. This made for 3 matches. The winners of each pool advanced to the finals for one last head to head match.

Each match consists of a 3 minute co-op team, 2 person battle format, and a single throw super pro challenge. Read this post for more details.

Pool A: Team Meola, Team Clay, and Team Cega

Match 1: Meola vs Cega, Co-Op: Meola, 2v2: Meola, 1v1: Cega, Result: 2-1 (Meola wins)

Match 2: Clay vs Meola, Co-Op: Meola, 2v2: Clay, 1v1: Clay, Result 1-2 (Clay wins)

Match 3: Cega vs Clay, Co-Op: Cega, 2v2: Cega, 1v1: Cega: Result 3-0 (Cega wins)

Pool A Result: Team Cega advances.

Pool B: Team Gaddoz, Team Nizzo, Team Piccio

Match 1: Gaddoz vs Piccio, Co-Op: Piccio, 2v2: Gaddoz, 1v1: Piccio, Result: 1-2 (Piccio wins)

Match 2: Gaddoz vs Nizzo, Co-Op Nizzo, 2v2: Nizzo, 1v1: Nizzo, Result: 0-3 (Nizzo wins)

Match 3: Piccio vs Nizzo, Co-Op: 6 Piccio, 2v2: Nizzo, 1v1: Piccio, Result: 2-1 (Piccio wins)

Pool B Result: Team Picio advances.

Final Match: Cega vs Piccio, Co-Op: Piccio, 2v2: Cega, 1v1: Cega

Result: Team Cega wins Paganello 2017!! Congratulations to the team:

Marco Prati (Cega), Chris Bellaj, Andrea Rimatori, Filippo Bortot, Francesco Santolin

Episode 10: Doug E Fresh’s Top Ten

To celebrate episode ten we begin a new segment of the show, Doug E Fresh’s Top Ten. We all like to hang out and talk about our favorite jam, favorite players, favorite events, and so on. This week Doug E Fresh picks ten players to be on his “dream team”.Doug E Fresh's Top Ten

  • Doug E Fresh’s Top 10 (But of course, it is in no particular order…)
  • Both Jake and Randy make the list (almost.) Hmm, is it rigged to ensure Doug is a reoccurring guest on the Podcast?
  • Hear about Doug’s “Freshian Guidance” on Minimizing and Maximizing and who takes his guidance and who doesn’t. Do Jake & Randy agree with this philosophy?
  • Hear who Doug gives extra style points, has deep pockets, a home court advantage, and who falls into the “whipped butter zone.”
  • Who would be on your Fantasy Free Style team?

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