Word of the Day – Jam

Jam (noun)

  1. A group of Freestyle Frisbee players playing together in a spontaneous manner. Players typically stand close together, usually in a circle or a line though there are no specific rules on this. Basically, they are playing an advanced game of catch, using the depth of their skill to string combinations of tricks together. Often times a single throw is passed between many players before it is caught. The term comes from Jazz where a group of musicians are playing music spontaneously. This is not the same as practice where players have an intended goal in mind. For example, a team may be preparing for a competition, going through choreography or repetitive routine rehearsal.

Ex. What time is the jam today?

Episode 20: Allen and Donnie Talk Freestyle Frisbee Philosophy

Donnie and AllenDonnie Rhodes and Allen Elliott continue to take us down freestyle Frisbee memory lane.

  • Donnie and Allen comment on the difference between playing inside and outside.
  • Survive mode and thrive mode is how Randy describes it.
  • Donnie talks about how he and Joey Hudoklin influenced the game early on.
  • Is it true that the discipline and rigor they strived for made it less fun?
  • Hear how the judging system has changed over the years and how some people just have something that is unquantifiable.
  • Donnie answers the burning question, why did he stop playing a sport that meant so much to him?  It gets personal.
  • Find out who Donnie and Allen consider to be the best forgotten players.
  • What are your shoes of choice?


Watch the 2017 German Championships Live

German ChampionshipsThe German Championships for 2017 will take place in Karlsruhe, Germany on July 1-2. With Chris Bellaj’s help, FrisbeeGuru will bring you the action. Christian Lamred and Florian (Flo) Hess, the tournament directors, were gracious enough to provide more details.

Jake: I’m fortunate enough to have attended 2 events in Karlsruhe; The German Championships in 2007 and FPA World Championships in 2015. Both events were run extremely well and attracted a great audience. What inspired you to hold the German Championships this year? How many German Championships has Karlsruhe held?

Flo: Decisive was the big success of the 2015 FPAW. The Initial Idea to organize the German Championships this year came from the board of our SSC Sportclub! They were looking for a similar highlight of the Sportfestival so they ask us again to run a big tournament! The concept to include an Freestyle Tournament into another larger event where a lot of spectators are is a key for success!
So we decided to run the German Championships after 10 years again for the 2nd time.

Jake: What is the competition format for this year? What divisions? How long are routines?

Flo: In Germany we have a regulation to play the German Championships with the FPA Judging rules. We also adopted the FPA competition manual with a few exceptions to be more free. For example we can play the Semifinals with 10 teams in one pool, so that we don’t need to play a Quarterfinal.
It seems that German Women like more to compete in the Open Pairs Division, so we scratched the Women’s Division due to less registrations.

Jake: Being the German Championships, is the event open to all? If so, what happens if a non-German player wins?

Flo: Yes it is an open tournament. Also for that situation we have a clever regulation 😛 Non-German teams can win the tournament, but don’t become German Champion. The best ranked German team will get the title and the challenge cup trophey! The requirement is that the team makes it into the finals. To count as “German” you need a german passport or you have to live at least 2 years in Germany.

Jake: How many players do you expect? Are there any top teams we should be watching out for?

Flo: So for the 50th anniversary of the SCC we are expecting at least 50 Players 😉 As always we have a lot of guest Jammers that only want to jam and join the party – so it will be crowded 😉

Jake: Anything else you’d like to add? Anyone you’d like to thank?

Flo: I am deeply grateful to our Sponsors; Newgames Frisbeeshop and Wrightlife. We get big support from them. Bill Wright send us 2 packages of Whizrings and Spinjammers that are very needed here in Germany to spread the jam to younger players.
We are hoping to motivate a lot of kids at our event – and work for the future of Freestyle Frisbee!

Jake: Karlsruhe is known for bringing in new players and your passion in this regard is clear! Thank you so much for all you do for Freestyle Frisbee. Good luck at the German Championships.

You can watch the German Championships here. It will start at 11a (UTC +2) on July 1st. The finals will start at 10a on July 2nd.

Munich Mash 2017 Results and Video Replay

Munich Mash
The Munich Mash 2017 Hat Tournament is complete. Below is the video replay and the results. Congrats to Markus Götz and Sascha Höhne for their win! Thanks to Tobi Künzel for hosting the event and Chris Bellaj for streaming it.




Munich Mash Results1.: Markus Götz + Sascha Höhne (7.5)
2.: Jakub Hosek + El Nino (7.3)
3.: Mysiq + Dennis Vollmer (6.92)
4.: Tommy Leitner + André Zaharias (6.91)
5.: Niki Thoma + El Nino (again) (6.6)
6.: Lukas Lacifer + Chris Bellaj (5.6)
7.: Anna Merlo + Silvina Porsch (4.9)
8.: Janis Brunner + Toby Künzel (3.9)

Frisbee Guru T-Shirts, Now In Women’s Cut

We heard your feedback and have added a Women’s Cut to the FrisbeeGuru T-Shirt line. Just like the Unisex Cut, these shirts are made from Jersey Knit cotton and are very soft. They are perfect for a lazy weekend day and even better for the jam. All proceeds go to support FrisbeeGuru’s mission.

If you’re looking for other items, check out all our apparel here.

Poll: What is Your Favorite Color Discraft Sky-Styler?

Sky StylersAnyone who’s jammed with a Discraft Sky-Styler knows that the color effects how the disc plays. Some colors are softer which changes how they air brush. Some colors spin longer than others, making them better for the nail delay. Some colors are easier to see than others. With so many variables, exactly which Sky-Styler to play with comes down to a matter of preference. So what’s your preference? This week’s poll:

What is your favorite color of Discraft Sky-Styler?

What is your favorite color Discraft Sky-Styler?

View Results

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Of course there are those who prefer a different disc all together. If that’s you, let us know which disc you prefer in the comments below. Thanks, Lusti, for the poll suggestion.

ITO 2017: Video Replay

Italian Open 2017Co-Op Finals
5. Edoardo Turri/Filippo Bortot/Fabio Sanna
EX 16.0/AI 22.3/Diff 26.7 – P 65.0
3. Andrea Dini/Clay Colerà/Marco Prati
EX 24.1/AI 22.7/Diff 28.6 – P 75.4
4. Mattia Colombari/Andrea Festi/Luca Sansò
EX 21.0/AI 19.7/Diff 26.4 – P 67.1
coming soon:
6. Alessandro Damiano/Serge Marconi/Claudio Massaro
EX 13.5/AI 15.7/Diff 22.7 – P 51.9
1. Claudio Cigna/Manuel Cesari/Freddy Finner
EX 25.4/AI 23.9/Diff 33.2 – P 82.5
2. Tom Leitner/Andrea Rimatori/Fabio Nizzo
EX 22.8/AI 23.8/Diff 31.5 – P 78.1

Open Pairs Finals
8. Marco Chessa/Luca Sansò EX 16.7/AI 10.7/Diff 22.1 – P 49.5
6. Serge Marconi/Edoardo Favorini EX 21.7/AI 12.5/Diff 26.7 – P 60.9
2. Filippo Bortot/Andrea Festi EX 21.7/AI 17.1/Diff 29.6 – P 68.4
4. Tom Leitner/Freddy Finner EX 21.2/AI 19.1/Diff 28.0 – P 68.3
7. Alessandro Damiano/Dario Giusti EX 17.1/AI 11.9/Diff 27.3 – P 56.3
5. Andrea Dini/Clay Collerà EX 24.3/AI 15.6/Diff 27.7 – P 67.6
1. Claudio Cigna/Manuel Cesari EX 22.1/AI 18.0/Diff 34.0 – P 74.1
3. Andrea Rimatori/Fabio Nizzo EX 22.2/AI 15.7/Diff 30.0 – P 67.9

Mixed Pairs Finals
5. Angela Polla Cusma/Antonio Piccioni Cusma
EX 21.3/AI 8.7/Diff 21.9 – P 51.9
4. Giulia Aretano/Edoardo Favorini
EX 20.4/AI 13.4/Diff 24.8 – P 58.6
6. Francesca Chierici/Serge marconi
EX 16.2/AI 12.2/Diff 22.2 – P 50.6
3. Fabiana Ciciriello/Freddy Finner
EX 18.8/AI 13.1/Diff 27.1 – P 59.0
2. Eleonora Imazio/Fabio Samma
EX 21.6/AI 15.7/Diff 25.6 – P 62.9
1. Ilka Simon/Andrea Rimatori
EX 22.3/AI 14.8/Diff 27.4 – P 64.5

Special thanks for Chris Bellaj
Chris’s YouTube Channel
Chris’s Web Site
Chris’s Photo Album of the Event

Munich Mash Will Be Live Streamed

Munich MashChris Bellaj is at it again: he will be Live Streaming the Munich Mash Hat tournament on June 24th, 2017. Start time is 6:30p (UTC +2).

The event takes place in Munich, Germany at Olympiapark. It is slated to include players from Prague, Rome, Berlin, Munich and more. Munich Mash is a sports festival that includes extreme sports like BMX Spine Ramp, Wakeboard Rail & Air, and Street League Skateboarding. Thanks Tobi Künzel, the tournament director, for bringing Freestyle Frisbee to this extreme sports event! It promises to be a fun time for all and a great opportunity to spread the jam.

According to Tobi, “We might also live stream some other stuff during the 3 days of Festival, like beginners workshops, other competition games, or just an impression of the festival at this beautiful olympic location. Much of it will remain spontaneous though, because it is our first time there.”

More about the Munich Mash Festival.

Munich Mash Hat event Facebook page.

Watch it live here.

Episode 19: Jens and Erwin Velasquez Hit the Streets of Peru

Jens and Erwin with Jo Cahow at the RosebowlIt is hard to have the right words to introduce these two hall of famers, the amazing V-Brothers, Jens and Erwin Velasquez. They talk about their New Jersey roots and their introduction to Frisbee via Ultimate. But their real excitement was ignited when they went as spectators to the multi-faceted Frisbee Overall event called OCTAD in 1975. It was there that they watched in awe as Victor Malafronte, John Kirkland, Ken Westerfield, and others showed off their disc skills. From that point on, they were hooked. Before heading off for the summer to visit family in Peru, they bought a bunch of Frisbees to take with them. Listen as they recount entertaining the locals in various town squares, while unknowingly preparing themselves to become the next World Freestyle Champions at the Rose Bowl in 1976.

Here is Jen’s account of sending a letter to Whamo and meeting Ed Headrick.

Here is Whamo’s response to Jen’s letter. He suggests you read the above link first.

Here’s some more history of OCTAD  and Freestyle’s growth in 1975-76.

Poll: Would You Like Commentary During Routines on the Live Stream

Having produced Freestyle Frisbee Live Streams for 4 FPA Worlds, I’m often thinking about how to grow the audience. One idea is to have commentary during the routines. I know that when I watch other sports where I lack expertise, commentary helps me to understand what is going on. The same might work for Freestyle: share information with viewers what they are seeing and they gain a deeper appreciation.

Of course, there’s also the educated audience to consider. They don’t need to be told what’s going on. Commentary might detract from the performance in some way. With that in mind, this poll asks:

Would you like commentary during routines on the live stream?

Would you like commentary during routines on the live stream?

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Explain your answer in the comments below.