Episode 56: Chipper Bro Bell – Have a Nice Day!

Chipper Bro does a Monster

Photo by Scott Star

  • Chipper shares how he first became interested in Frisbee in the mid 1970’s in Santa Barbara. It all started while at the weekly Palm Park Art Show in Santa Barbara.
  • He was intrigued by the guys playing in the nearby park.  Little did he know that that lovely strip of grass along the ocean would be such a big part of his life. He loved this alternative sport along with the new family he created.
  • As a spectator at the 1979 Rose Bowl, his interest was piqued.
  • He shares his experience playing in the 1981 Santa Cruz tournament, sleeping under the redwoods, eating nuts and berries.  It was then that he learned a painful, but invaluable lesson about judging bias. 
  • Find out about Chipper’s time at The Flying Disc Ranch near Palm Springs, California…It’s not what you think! 

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  1. Ha Ha Ha ah Ha Ha Ha tears of laughter pollinators

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