The Crank – Part 2 – Against the Spin – Left Hand Clock Spin

In this video, I demonstrate how to perform an against-the-spin crank with the left hand and clock spin. Of course, for counter spin, just mirror the same movement using the right hand.

Check this video for the basics of the crank and this video for the basics of against the spin. Okay, now that you’ve mastered those tricks, let’s dive into the against-the-spin crank.

Doing this trick with clock spin is the same body motion as doing a with-the-spin crank with counter spin. Likewise, doing this with counter on the right hand is the same body motion as doing a with-the-spin crank with clock spin.

Before trying the full movement, here’s a practice technique: Give yourself a steep back hand throw, about shoulder height. Reach out with your left hand, palm facing towards your back. Hook the rim with your nail. As the disc falls, drop your arm and slowly decelerate the disc. Then, when the hand reaches toward the bottom, turn your wrist inwards and pull the disc up. Accelerate the pull of the disc and propel the disc into the air. Do this until you are comfortable with the motion.

Now it’s time to attempt the trick. Start with the disc on a nail delay on your left hand. Lift it up push your nail forward to tip the nose away from you. The goal is to give yourself a similar disc angle to the practice throw you did above. As the disc reaches that angle, turn your hand over and let gravity pull the disc down. Allow the disc to accelerate and, when it has enough speed, decelerate and pull your wrist inwards, using the rim (if needed) to crank the disc through.

A couple notes: First, I seldom use the rim. Instead, my nail is about halfway between center and the rim. One cool thing about this is the that disc makes a large gyration as it goes against-the-spin. However, this took many attempts to master; in the beginning I was using much more of the rim. The second note is that it’s possible to do this trick 100% in the center. The disc mechanics (when doing this trick totally in the center) change a lot as it becomes about mastery of the center delay in all hand positions. I highly recommend practicing this as well. Lastly, as you improve, a good exercise is to do as many cranks as you can from a self throw. If you can get to 4 successful cranks, you have mastered this trick.

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