Poll: Do You Take Your Nails Off Immediately After a Jam?

Lost NailI remember the first time I wore fake nails to jam. I was amazed at how much easier it was to control the disc, especially since I hadn’t yet mastered the center delay. When the jam was over I suddenly a had a sinking feeling. “How do I take these nails off?” I was given instructions to force my thumb nail between the glue and my natural nail to pry the fake nail off. I tried, but “OUCH!” After about an hour of fiddling around I managed to get the nails off.

Since then, my nail removal skill has greatly improved. Still, I don’t enjoy the process so, I typically leave them on for a few days until the glue loosens up and they fall off naturally. Of course, while the nails are still on I get lot’s of funny looks and questions about them.

In this poll, let’s find out what other people do with their nails after a jam. If you have any tips for nail removal, leave them in the comments.


Do You Take Your Nails Off Immediately After a Jam?
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