Episode 1 – The Beast Shares His Wisdom

The BeastJake & Randy shoot the Frizbreeze with Steve Hays, AKA, the Beast.

  • The Beast shares his thoughts on making Freestyle more audience friendly.
  • He also adds a historical perspective on the topic; after all, he has been playing since 1977.
  • What parallels can be made to other sports that might move this discussion forward?
  • Also, find out some fun facts that surprise them all.
  • Click to learn out how to do a “Bad Attitude” discussed during the podcast.

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  1. I think part of what the Beast is referring to is the current lack of the flight of the disc. People love to watch it fly. Exchanges , lots of exchanges , like the Coloradicals also keeps them interested. When some one does a complicated take and indie you can see people losing interest in watching , is it like jerking off? Well maybe that’s going too far. I do notice that casual watchers of jams treat catches like drops as far as their interest goes, it is over, they move on. Play by play , web casting are the future of the sport. But you need the right personalities. I only got into watching the LA Lakers because of Chick Hern, we all have our fav broadcasters. Crazy John Brooks does a phenomenal job of announcing the Disc Golf events. So there is room for the technical but it needs to be hyped and explained. The current system does not reward different approaches to the disc because every 15 sec you are supposed to put down a difficulty score. This leaves out extended quick catch or piddling, etc. Let’s make it more alternative, goofier, more fun to watch with different takes on what to do with the disc.

    • Good thoughts. I agree with your assertion about commentary. For AFO 2014 I wanted to add commentary to the webcast. I got pushback from people I asked to do it and others attending the event. As a player and fan, I understand that having someone talk over a routine can take away from experiencing how they match their moves with the music. But for anyone who isn’t yet a fan, they need to be talked into it. My experience with UFC was the same as yours with the lakers. Watching people beat on each other was not that interesting to me until I heard Joe Rogan explain the strategy, different positions, etc. Now as a UFC fan, I have a huge respect for what the fighters are doing, but it’s only because Joe explained it to me.

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