Episode 115: Skippy Jammer Plays to Maximum Intensity

Skippy Pointed ToeThe selection criteria for some people choosing a university is the academics, but in 1979, Skippy chose Sonoma State University based on who he’d be able to play Frisbee with.  Find out how Kevin Givens became Skippy Jammer. Skippy was into a variety of sports that required maximum intensity. He shares how he was also able to apply what he learned to Freestyle. Listen to the tales of Skippy meeting “Little Tommy Leitner” and how their relationship evolved. Both Skippy and Tommy were mentors to Jake as they played together in Northern California.  
Jake reminisces about the 2013 World Championships in Santa Cruz after coming from behind and experiencing an unexpected win with Arthur Coddington.
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  1. Really enjoy your interviews. You guys do a great job.

    Paige “Doc” Anderson

  2. Dag,
    Fun to listen and hearing things in n.calif
    Very fine to hear tommy Leitner as a young player..

    I call it mental flossing, and enjoying connect to a day to see disc flying and recall the smiles involved.

    A bit of the 1991 WFDF for dg- accuracy & DDC….Memorable

    AmsterJAM(s) too much time between, and even longer to a ‘winterjam’ .

    Looking forward the next fortnight or does the hurry-slowly next end of the month?

  3. Nice hearing all from Skippy! Z’s, =jwt

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