Episode 122: Krae Van Sickle, the 360 Man

Krae performingShout out to our announcer, Mike Galloupe. We continue to love hearing his deep, tender tones during each episode!

Krae Van Sickle is back and talking about the V-Bros, whose unique approach was often the envy of others. Krae started competing in the overall events in the early 1970’s with lots of success in golf and distance, and he was the first to introduce the 360 turnaround before the release. Krae reminisces about his adventures traveling around the country finally ending up winning the overall title at the Rose Bowl in 1978. It was a time of true camaraderie vs. winning, which was appealing to Krae. As the competition became more of a focus, Krae became more dedicated to the performance art aspect of play, which was his true passion.

Call out to up to several up and coming players that are exciting to watch:  Juan David Rivera from Medellin, and Kuba Radwonski & Tymek Wrotek from Poland. Tune in to the last Tiny Room and take a look for yourselves. 

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  1. Hi

    That was an interesting chat w Krae van Sickle. He played a lot of the other games, too.
    More about his DDC times. I missed when of if he played in a game of World War-Free(two words)?

    Did he ever come over here in Europe ( or did I now hear it, when I went to the WC and didn’t put it on pause:)

    Poland fellows you mentioned got my attention and probable listen again. There were some players from way over there for an ‘Amsterjam’, the one with the park can be seen on the train coming in from Amersfoort to Amsterdam. If you send me an email, I have a couple clips from then. One with Tommy Leitner, I can recall easily.

    Nice to share how you seen and heard things, Surely today your playing catch somewhere?

    I have to have gloves when I walk with a disc, if perhaps someone wants to play:)

    good morning 7 okt ’20

  2. Hey, Randy! Jack from Vancouver here. It’s funny that you mentioned being at tournament in Vancouver in ’77. That was the first tournament, I think, that I attended (as a spectator), and I think it was Rosse Lapper who had made me aware of it. I had just started getting into disc at that time and had probably been doing it and being exposed to it for a year or two. If I remember correctly, I think I missed seeing much of it, but I distinctly remember seeing Krae’s 360 throw and, like you, being blown away. It was indeed amazing to see someone that couldn’t have weighed more than 120 or so pounds throw a 119 a hundred yards or more and dominate that event on sheer technique–and original technique at that.

  3. Krae and I came to Europe in the early 1980’s (think ’84?) by the invitation of a German TV show called “Auf Los Ghets Los” where we played live for 22 million viewers. Nuts! We went to Bavaria on a brief tour and visited Belgium and stayed with Jaques Doetch and performed at a big tournament there. I don’t know if he came over on other frisbee related occasions.

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