Episode 148: Tommy Leitner Grabs the Eye of the Tiger

Tommy returns and continues to talk about the 80’s. He had a long partnership with Skippy Jammer and he shares several memorable tournaments. Their adventures went beyond Freestyle. Tommy took what he learned from his mentors and has applied it in a masterful way.   

Congrats to the winners of Anzio Jam 8, 

Open Pairs

Kuba Radwański / Francesco Santolin

Women’s Pairs

Char Powell / Bianca Kostelova

Mixed Pairs

Marco Prati / Fabiana Ciciriello  

And again, a big shout out to the Capocotta women jammers! You’re on fire!  

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  1. Wow what a good session with Tom! And…I really like the Mike Esterbrook vision, too.

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