Episode 17: Deaton Mitchell Returns to Share More

Deaton and JimDeaton Mitchell returns to tell more about his relationship with Jim Schmal and Pat Carrasco.

  • Find out how Jim’s move from the Bayou to San Diego in the middle of their 4 consecutive FPA Worlds Open Pair titles was actually good for them.
  • Hear about their travels to South Africa and how being dependent on the money drove them to play as much as they could with their eye on the prize.
  • Did this ultimately lead to Deaton’s burnout in 1987?
  • Deaton shares the REAL story about why Pat stopped competing but over time became one of the best jammers out there.
  • Randy and Deaton discuss getting older and how that impacts your game.
  • But neither age nor injuries can keep Deaton down as he maintains some of the Bayou Blasters moves from the past.
  • By the way, how furry do you like your discs?
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  1. It’s so great to hear the back stories of people like Deaton! Love to know all of the histories of influential players (such as the guys who are hosting this!). Can’t wait to hear more.

    Deaton is correct when he claims the spirit of competition was rather back-biting in the late 70’s – 80’s. The cliques still exist however, but the spirit of the game and support of great freestyle skills remain paramount in what I have seen over the decades. Recreational freestyle in lieu of competition brings out more goodwill and camaraderie. Perhaps this is why some great players chose the former and not the latter.

    Thanks for bringing up our missing jammers: Mikka Nordmann, and Pete Rosing, (also, lost but not forgotten are: Fernando Diereto [spelling?], Diego Gamboa, G. Kirkland, Pete Laubert, Tom Gleason, and… I’m sure I missing other freestylers who once were, and are no longer with us in the flesh). I was lucky enough to hang and play with all of these fantastic players (except Pete R.) and are reminded how many wonderful people I have come to known over my 35+ years in the sport.

  2. Nice to hear from Judy Robbins. Thank you for mentioning my longtime freestyle partner Peter Rosing, who lost his life too early. Regards, Alan Platt, Chicago

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