Episode 49: Arthur Coddington and Dave Lewis : The Dueling Banjos

  • Arthur Coddington and Dave Lewis, shredding in competition

    Photo by Rick LeBeau

    Arthur and Dave were one of the most dominate teams from 1996 to 2004.

  • Join us behind the curtain as they share how they each got started in 1979; Arthur on the east coast, Dave on the west coast.
  • Hear how they both left the sport for many years, came back to it in 1992, and met for the first time in Frazier Park in Santa Monica. If you haven’t played there, put it on your list!
  • Dave shared his freestyle philosophy with Arthur and it resonated. They began playing together initially as practice partners and friends.
  • Arthur shares some of their practice strategies, and how it helped push each of them to play to their full potential.
  • Jake shares how he and Matt adopted this strategy themselves and how it changed their mindsets, resulting in a better game.  
  • Stay tuned for what Randy mysteriously referred to as “Patreon”.
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