Episode 65: Dave Lewis & Arthur Coddington Go Mental

  • Have Jake or Randy ever lost a nail during competition?
  • Dave & Arthur discuss their mental approach to competing.
  • We hear about the 1996 FPA Worlds journey and how they dealt with doubt on their way to their first FPA Open Pairs title.
  • Is it possible to win a bet where no one loses?
  • Hear about the rivalry between the 2 co-op teams of Dave Lewis, Arthur Codington, Dave Murphy & Randy Silvey, Larry Imperiale, Bill Wright and how they each pushed each other.
  • Was the Holy Roller planned or was it fate?

Jake and Randy love their Frisbeeguru coffee mugs. Perhaps it’s time you to fall in love as well.

 Dave, Dave, and Arthur winning co-op at 1997 FPAW.

In 1998 the co-op finals took place on Saturday. On Sunday, the winning team did a demo for the crowd. Below is their demo. Without the pressure of competition, they shredded even more than usual!


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