Episode 74: Trnava Frisbee Games Promo Interview with Jakub Kostel & Dexter Struz

Trnava Frisbee GamesTournament directors Jakub Kostel & Dexter Struz update us on FPA World Championships 2018 in Trnava and what to expect. FPAW is part of Trnava Frisbee Games while will also include Ultimate, Disc Dog, and Disc Golf events.

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  1. WOW!! I had no idea of the magnitude of this event. These guys are incredible organizers. Great interview also. I’m heading out to a show at a daycare center this morning, but want to order a couple F. G. tee shirts when I get home so Jay Moldenhauer and I can have them to wear at upcoming shows. Cheers, Brian

  2. Wow, thanks Brian! Yes, the event will be incredible. Dexter is a professional event organizer so he knows what he’s doing. Don’t forget to send me a photo once you get the shirt so i can put you on the wall of gurus! 🙂

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