Episode 82: Rick Castiglia Hall of Fame Bound


  • Today’s guest, Rick Castiglia, was just inducted into the Freestyle Frisbee Hall of Fame.
  • It was back in 1968 that Rick first laid his hands on a yellow fastback while playing tag with friends. Although he was an avid basketball player, it was a knee injury that led him to his love of Frisbee.
  • Rick shares how he met other players whose names you’ll recognize including Bill Wright & Doug Brannigan. The three of them joined forces in Fort Collins and set off for their great Frisbee adventures in a VW Bug and the Coloradicals were born.
  • Rick has lots of idols that helped him develop his own style of play.
  • Do you like to watch your competitor’s routines? Rick does; hear why.
  • Also find out what Rick’s most memorable victory was.
  • Announcing the inaugural FrisbeeGuru City vs City championship starting on January 12th…..don’t miss it!!
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  1. So interesting to hear Rick Castiglia talking about old times.. how I wish I saw Coloradicals live!

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