Freestyle Frisbee – Word of the Day – Seal

Seal: verb A satisfying catch at the end of a series of freestyle frisbee moves.

Ex. “Seal that meal!”

Ex. “That hand plant gitis was the perfect way to end your combo.”

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  1. The Seal was actually an early paddidle move I did in 1978 as documented in PAW magazine issue #1. In 1980 at the World’s I did this move, got picked up by Bill King & John Anthony while still paddidling then thrown into the judges……music Iggy..i’m bored.

    2nd World’s 1977. 7th ’78…..because Bill decided to play with Krae & Kirkland instead of the guys he trained all winter with…….9th 90.

    Undefeeded World Kosmic Khastrophies Khampion

    Vancouver Ultimate League Hall of Fame. Ultimate Canada Hall of Fame

    Provincial Disc Golf Championships called the Jim Brown cup

    Randy should now this……and where the Seal came from

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