Frisbeer Cup 2018 Will be Live Streamed

Frisbeer Cup LogoFrisbeer Cup 2018 will be live streamed. Special thanks go to Mystiq, Chris Bellaj, and Ryan Young for bringing us the action.

Frisbeer Cup 2018 will be held indoors in Prague, CZ on March 9-11 by the famous Prague team. This event has been running for over a decade and always draws a deep field with top talent.

Frisbeer also has a history of experimentation with competition systems. They’ve tried shorter routines, various judging systems, a battle event, and have even included a “challeger’s” division for less experienced players. This year will be just as exciting as they are trying a real-time feedback judging system, created by Ryan Young. We interviewed Ryan about it here.

From a stream perspective, things are looking very exciting as well. Mystic has a new computer with new software that should make things run very smoothly. He is also hoping to bring in 2 new cameras, plus Chris’s camera for a total of 3 angles for your viewing enjoyment. And, as if that’s not enough, the judging system will be tied into the live stream so viewers can see real-time results.

So, don’t miss the action! You can tune in here.

For more info, check out their site, the event facebook page, or the official tournament facebook page. Here’s a little teaser video:


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