Jam Report

Todays jam included Lisa, Lori, Jake (me), and the long awaited return of Matt. Matt and Lisa arrived first to the dance studio and warmed up the floor. Lori jumped straight in while Jake got prepared. Soon, the four were on fire. Restricted passes, brushes, kicks, skids and whole-lotta movement where the scene. It was evident after 10 minutes that we were all excited to play with the full cohort after so many months. Within 20 minutes we were winded…its funny how with so much movement, even with four players it’s an aerobic jam. Memorable moments included Lisa’s nice twisto-flex. She also hit many scare crows from every angle off everyone’s set. Lori hit a double spin behind the head and a sweet, unexpected bad attitude from my set. My big move was a twisto set to a spinning phlaud. Matt wins move of the day with his UDs takes. He hit one take behind the back right off the throw and then took it down between his legs, in perfect control. We also had a few practice moments where we each tried various moves including kneeling delay hold to set to hold, switching hands and knees. The jam lasted two hours. As the community center staff began locking up we all hit one last catch (the infamous “catch out”) and then headed back out into the rain. If we’re lucky, we’ll do it all over again tomorrow.

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