New Poll – What spin do you take?

When entering a jam with unfamiliar jammers, the question “what spin do you take?” is often posed. The answer is not simple. Let’s say you’re counter skills, although not on par with clock, are still quite formidable. If you answer “clock” you may be branded a clock player and never get a counter throw. Worse, you may be banished from future counter jams. But if you say “both” you may end up getting more counter than clock, and feeling a bit frustrated. Yet, in the time it takes to say “I’d like 87% clock, and 12% counter, and 1% third world with a plus or minus %2 margin.” the disc has been thrown and you’re stuck with what you got. Yes, it’s usually best to blurt out “clock” or “counter” or “yes” or just let a little drool spill from your lip. Gotta keep that flow going after all.

Heinsville wants to know; when you’re asked “what spin do you take?” how do you respond? Vote now.

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