Poll: Do You Collect Sky-Stylers?

Prototype Sky-StylerThe Freestyle Player’s Association (FPA) recently announced their second annual auction. This includes mini-discs of the inaugural hall of fame inductees and commemorative Sky-Stylers of the event. Bidding on these items helps support the FPA and in turn helps grow Freestyle Frisbee. 

Looking through the collection, the Sky-Stylers are especially interesting to me. Of course, I have my own collection of Sky-Stylers. I have a disc from every event I’ve been too, and for every year that I’ve been a member of the FPA. I also have several older Sky-Sylers, including one of the original prototypes. 

Am I the only one who collects Sky-Stylers? Let me know by answering this poll:


Do You Collect Sky-Stylers?
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