Poll: How Old Are You?

Young BeastOn the podcast, we’ve interviewed people that span all eras of Freestyle Frisbee. We’ve gotten feedback from people of all eras as well. This started me thinking about our demographics. This question is as much about Freestyle as is it about the readers of Heinsville. So, let’s start with our age, in decade sized brackets: How old are you?

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For extra credit, let us know in the comments when you started playing.

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  1. Born: 1975
    Jamming: 1995

  2. 1st tourney 1980 (19), 2nd tourney 1993 (35)

  3. Born: 1971
    Jamming: 2015

  4. Born 1959 Started playing frisbee the year before Jake was born 🙂 – 1974

  5. Born: 1947
    Started playing Frisbee: 1962, maybe earlier?
    Started Freestyling: 1977

  6. ’78 Started playing ultimate, freestyle a year later

  7. ’61 or ’62 off and on through college and law school. then many years mostly off, until kids got involved in overall and ultimate. I explicitly chose freestyle as my main sport in 1999. Z’s, =jwt

  8. Started playing frisbee in 1957, Freestyle was all there was back then.
    Entered the competitive freestyle world in 1975 at WFC Rose Bowl

  9. Started disc golf in ’66, in Berkeley Tournaments in ’68

  10. Started learning to nail delay in 1978 and really started to freestyle in 1980-81. First competition in 1982.

  11. Started playing in the 60’s. Learned to delay and freestyle in Chico, CA 1978. First tournament, Fall 78′

  12. 1st played 60’s, age 60, freestyle start 72,1st tourney 79

  13. Born 1955, started playing Ultimate at Glassboro State when I was 18 in 1974. Started jamming after seeing Victor M, John K, Ken W, Kerry K, Doug C, New York crew, Stork & Irv at Octad ’75

  14. You know when I was born, so no need for me to embellish on that question. I first saw freestyle in 1981 when I saw Eric Wooten freestyling on my college campus. My first competition was the 1982 Virginia States, and I did all the events including freestyle.

  15. Born in 1973, first UTL catch summer 92. Learned the nail delay 98…took a while 😉
    First tournament as a jammer in Paganello 2002.
    First tournament as a competitor at the EFC Amsterdam 2005.

  16. Born in ’66, first went out and talked to the Jammers in the park on the Labour Day weekend last year. Learned to delay in October. Seven months now for me. Good times.

  17. I forgot to vote but I can bring down the average age! Born 1994, jamming 2014

  18. Being 42, I consider myself part of the “lost generation”.

  19. Born 1960 Started jamming 1982

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  21. Started with frisbee tag at age 8 in 60’s with neighborhood friends. In high school was freestyle in Edward Hines Park, Michigan which has continued until present. All good times but the 464 local disc-throwers union were the best at Tamagawa river in Tokyo. No tourneys yet.

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