Poll: What is Your Interest in Freestyle Frisbee Competition?

Kate and PaulThis website started as a teaching website. My assumption was that the audience were people new to Freestyle Frisbee. Since then, we have expanded our content. There’s the Live Stream and tournament results, Shootin’ the FrizBreeze Podcast, and more.

In this poll I want to learn more about our readers. With the emphasis on Freestyle as a competitive sport, I wonder how you would describe your interest in Freestyle Frisbee competition? You can choose as many options as you like so please select all that apply to you.

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  1. Other: I go to competitions to Live Stream.

    All joking aside, the competitive aspect of Freestyle has become secondary to me yet I still love to attend competitions. Two of the main reasons: First is to be with my friends. You freestylers are some of my best friends in the world. Second is to jam. I love jamming. After 22 years I still can’t get enough. Jamming with other people is inspiring; seeing new moves or new takes on old moves, seeing or helping people improve, and seeking those magic moments where the impossible becomes possible.

    I have to say, beach weekend and Jam Camp were pretty amazing because there is no competition.

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