Poll: Which Item Could You Not Jam Without?

Tony Does a Chest Roll

Photo by James Wiseman

On a recent trip to Seattle, Lori and I arrived to the jam full of energy. We walked up, setup our chairs, and began to prepare. As I pulled my jam gear out of my bag a sinking feeling came over me. I had forgotten my shoes. I was wearing flip-flops. At that moment my options were: jam barefoot or drive for about 1.5 hours round trip to get my shoes.

I don’t usually jam barefoot and I love kick brushing and kick tipping, which are more comfortable with shoes. This would really change my experience. However, imagining my friends jamming their brains out while I was driving would be torture, because by the time I got back, people would be tired and I would have missed the best part of the jam. Oh, the dilemma. 

This experience is the inspiration for this poll. Let’s say you arrive to the jam and realize you forgot one thing. Is there anything, besides a disc, that would cause you to turn around and go back home rather than jam without it? If so, what is it?

Oh, and for the curious, I decided to jam barefoot. I took it as a challenge and ended up having a wonderful jam.  And, the next day I certainly did not forget my shoes.

Which Item Could You Not Jam Without?

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