Poll: Would You Like Commentary During Routines on the Live Stream

Having produced Freestyle Frisbee Live Streams for 4 FPA Worlds, I’m often thinking about how to grow the audience. One idea is to have commentary during the routines. I know that when I watch other sports where I lack expertise, commentary helps me to understand what is going on. The same might work for Freestyle: share information with viewers what they are seeing and they gain a deeper appreciation.

Of course, there’s also the educated audience to consider. They don’t need to be told what’s going on. Commentary might detract from the performance in some way. With that in mind, this poll asks:

Would you like commentary during routines on the live stream?

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Explain your answer in the comments below.

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  1. As a complete rookie at freestyle, for me personally, commentary would add a bit of excitement. Most importantly it would provide me with education.

    However with respect to all you experts out there who are used to the current format I do not feel this is totally necessary as I can l figure things out by replaying the video.

    If there was commentary, I wouldn’t want it to overwhelm the “art” in progress so my suggestion would be just a small amount of commentary. A reasonable analogy might be what we hear for commentary when watching a figure skating competition on national television.

  2. I like the commentary for the livestream but NOT live. Live commentary would affect judging and the play on the field….unless you could charge for headphones for audience members and do some kind of local wireless feed.

  3. I think some type of commentary during a freestyle routine would be helpful for those who are not aware of what they’re watching. This is how we can get more people knowledgeable about some of the tricks that freestylers are executing. I agree that commentators​ should be positioned away from the judges so as to not distract from that process.

  4. Been wishing there were vids with commentary for quite a while, voted an enthusiastic yes! Perhaps there could be voiceover & no VO versions posted, or a CC option for those who prefer to view them au naturale… 😉

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