Poll: What other skills do you use to enhance your Freestyle Game?

Donnie Rhodes, Ryan Young, and many other players have used Ballet as a way to improve their Freestyle Game. Steve Scannell has brought juggling into his Freestyle game. My approach is different. I focus only on the Frisbee stuff with a little bike riding on the side to keep my cardio strong. What about you? What other skills do you use to enhance your Freestyle Game?

This poll lets you choose multiple answers so select all that apply.

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Let us know in the comments how you think your other skill has changed your game.

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  1. Helped with cardio (bike, swim, ultimate) and dealing with different wind conditions (other disc sports).

  2. Jake, pls remember to add photo credits.

  3. My apologies, Lars. I did not know the source of the photo. Fixed now. If anyone sees this, Lars is a wonderful photographer. Click his name to see his see his work. Lot’s of frisbee stuff, and beautiful landscape shots. You won’t be disappointed.

  4. Soccer for sure improves my way of “style-thinking”. I’ve several moves, which won’t exist without my soccerexperience since i’m 10 years old.

    Cool that somebody is asking such questions. I’m very interested about the answers!

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