Poll: When you slick your disc, which parts do you slick?

Throw with the Disc reflecting the sunglasses

Photo by Kristýna Landová

Freestyle Frisbee is all about personal expression. Every player has their own style, their own take on the game. This personal expression even extends to how we slick our discs. Some people like the entire disc soaked in slick, and then lightly wiped off. Others spray a small amount on the underside and use it as more of a cleaner than a lubricant. When I was a newer player, I was getting a disc ready for a jam. One of my heros was waiting for me. As I began to spray, I was instructed not to spray the outer rim. Yes, we all have our preferences. So now it’s time to share yours.

When you slick your disc, which parts do you slick?

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Please share your favorite slicking technique in the comments.

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  1. I always try to avoid to bring slick on the outer rim (slope of morrison), because you need the grip for the throw and the catch.

    But I usually put some slick on the edge of the rim, so you have less friction at doing [cuffs] (http://www.frisbeeguru.com/tag/cuff).
    I do this only by using a slicked rag. Don’t spray it directy to the edge of the disc, because that you get slick on the outer rim 😉

  2. I slick the whole disc. every surface

  3. from fb post: I used to slick the crazy glue tube carved nails. Before the newest rings, I would occasionally slick the under of them. Discs: the newbie1 oops is to not slick the top, newbie2 is to slick the gripping area….? Having a blaZt in Milano. The Museo nello Tempio is fantastiico! Z’s,=jwt

  4. The whole disc. Inside the rim. I really make sure the rim is smooth as the smoothest surface known to a man. Yes. Silky Smooth! I sand the disc almost everyday. 2 Grits. 1500 pad and then 2400.

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