Poll: Which of Your Throws Has The Most Clockwise Spin?

Bennie ThrowsA while back, I asked the question, which of your throws has the most spin? The answers were pretty much what I expected, a good cross section of throws with backhand being the leader. Now I want to dive a little deeper. This will be a two part poll with this one focussed on clock and next weeks focused on counter. Since roughly 90% of human beings are right handed I’m guessing that the results will be quite different between the two spins. My hope is the results can help new players decide which throws to focus on when they are learning. This weeks poll:


Which of your throws has the most clockwise spin?
[poll id=”36″]
If you answered other, please let me know what I missed in the comments. 

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  1. clock ud, thrown right-handed from the right side of my body.

  2. maybe for stats, it would also be nice to have a poll intending clock for right handed and counter for left handend throws compared to another poll intending counter for right handed and clock and left handed trhows.

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