Poll: What Spin Do You Air Brush the Best in High Wind?

Pablo Azul Brushes ClockLast weekend at The Jammers 2018, the wind was very strong; at least 12mph and often more. My game has always been strong with clock spin, but I’ve been working on my counter skills lately. This high wind was humbling; I found that I have a long ways to go to really master counter brushing in high wind. One observation I came away with over the weekend is that most players there were able to brush clock. Even some people I thought might be be better with counter spin, still seemed to handle clock well. Some even preferred it.

This concept of preferring different spins for different skills is not a new one. Joey Hudocklin explained how he learned to delay counter, but brush clock as he was mastering his freestyle skills. This is the inspiration for this 2 part poll series. In part 1, we’ll find out which spin direction people are best at while air brushing in a high wind. In part 2, we’ll learn if your best airbrush spin is the same as your best nail delay spin.

In this poll there are no “both” or “none” options. Even if you are proficient at both, or can hardly do either, choose the one you can do the best.

What Spin Do You Air Brush the Best in High Wind?


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  1. Seriously, though- both. Counter is my native spin, but since I play mostly with people who are native clock jammers, I feel like both spins are now native to me.

  2. Daniel O'Neill

    shocked that there are 7 responses for counter.


    …….. that’s all I can think of

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