Episode 7 – Donnie Rhodes and Allen Elliott – The Road to Becoming ’81 Rose Bowl Champions

Donnie and Alan

Donnie Rhodes, Allen Elliott

We got a chance to talk with Allen Elliott and Donnie Rhodes. In this episode they talk about how the started playing, how they teamed up, and how they prepared for the ’81 Rose Bowl.

Semifinals Performance

Semi and Finals edited together

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  1. This routine was very inspiring. In fact, we listened to the podcast right after we watched the video twice, and then went to the Shores to jam with Dave Murphy for 2 hours (for the third day in a row, no less).

    Anyway, back to the podcast- I learned so much about Donnie and Allen that I never knew. The Overall players of that era didn’t mix or mingle much with the freestylers, though we knew some of them.

    So, thanks guys, for the great history lesson and filling in those gaps.

  2. the parallel with donnie is amazing!except canadian version i had an extra 5 years back experience before 79.i thot evan david and corey baso won van 79 my 1st real tourney.

  3. great interview once again! amazing to hear about the history of these two – and the amazing stories being told that so many of us weren’t aware of. this is great!

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