Watch Frisbeer Cup 2016 Live

Frisbeer CupHeinsville will be live streaming Frisbeer Cup 2016 on March 4 – 6 starting at noon UTC+1. Frisbeer Cup is an annual indoor event held in Prague, Czech Republic. This year there are over 80 competitors registered including many new players and some of your old favorites as well. Rounds include Mixed, Co-Op, Women’s, and Open Pairs. While this event uses the standard FPA judging rules, there are 6 judges instead of 9 and routines are 3 minutes (4 for Co-Op) which makes the event move quickly. It also encourages players to go big or go home since they have less time to impress the judges.

Another notable for this event is that judging will be run using live data entry on tablets. This is the latest revision of the version used at AFC and AFO before that. This is the first time this data entry system will be used in Europe. One of the new features is it’s tie into the live stream. The tablets will provide live team names and a score board so viewers can keep track of how their favorite teams are doing.

Tune in and learn more here.

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