Which of Your Throws Has the Most Spin?

A Decent BackhandThe other day, James Wiseman and I were discussing the importance of throwing the disc with as much spin as possible. This evolved into strategies for throwing with more spin like working on grip strength. We also talked about which throws might have more spin than others and even did some testing of our own throws to see where we stood. Now I’m turning to you to ask the question:

Which of your throws has the most spin?

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  1. In 2004 or 2005, JT Thorne was working on a z measuring device and showed it to Pat Marron and me. My fastest was with my UD underhand. Can’t remember what Pat’s best throw was, but his z’s were more than mine.

  2. Lol.. in the early 80’s I met John Kirkland in his ugly Lee nails period. Being lefty, he saw me throwing backhand counter zzz’s in Rochester and asked me to throw him some for jamming. He told me, “you currrently throw the fastest counter zzz’s on the planet and I know!”… nicest thing he ever said to me!- Paul Brenner

  3. if more people could throw a two finger sub, they would easily vote for this throw

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