Word of the Day: Jamily

FPAW 2017 Group PhotoJamily (noun): A term to describe the phenomenon that occurs when someone begins to play freestyle Frisbee. They are immediately welcomed into the great network of people who share a love for the flying disc. This network is known as the Jamily. People in the Jamily are open, playful, and supportive. If a jammer travels to a new town, jammers in that town will welcome the new arrival into the jam, to join their dinner table, and into their homes. Even if two jammers do not speak the same language, they can communicate for hours together through the artistic expression of the disc. Yes, freestyle Frisbee is a network of like-minded souls that creates friendships that last for a lifetime.

Jamily is a combination of the word jam and family.

Example: “I’m going to Frisbeer to see my Jamily.”

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  1. https://www.afar.com/magazine/far-from-the-tourist-trail-in-new-delhi-a-traveler-finds-magic

    with some word substitution: magician to jammer, a jamily story that resonates!

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