Word of the Day: Taco

Failed leaping UTL attempt, resulting in a TacoTaco (verb):

  1. To accidentally bend a flying disc in half, creating the shape of a taco shell. This usually happens during a drop. The player attempts a leaping under the leg catch but misses. As the disc hits the ground the player’s extended leg comes down on top of the disc and forcefully bends it in half. To taco a disc is especially disheartening because the disc will probably have a wobble from then on. 

Example: Oh no, you just tacoed our competition disc!

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  1. The disc in this photo never had a chance of recovering. Clearly.

  2. chuckle poll question: how many times have you dived into water for a disc? Alt chuckle question: how many times have you climbed up onto a roof to retrieve one? ‘Who threw it gets it!’ Z’s, =jwt

    • I’ve dived in more than I can count. Even for a golf disc!

      Roof…yes. Tree…yes. There might be a disc stuck in the rafters at a community center in Seattle.

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