Word of The Day – Zzzs

Zzzs (noun)Zzzs

Zzzs is the spin of the disc. The faster the disc is spinning, the more Zzzs it has. A disc that is hardly spinning at all may be referred to as having “one Z” or “half-a-Z”. It comes from the sound that the original Sky-Stylers Super-Pro (thanks, Rick) made when they were delayed upside down.

The spin of the disc is highly important in Freestyle Frisbee for several reasons. First, the faster the disc is spinning, the easier it is to nail delay. Also, the more Zzzs a disc is thrown with, the more tricks that can be done until it runs out of Zzzs. Finally, the direction of the spin is important as each trick must be mastered twice, once for each spin direction; clock and counter.

Example: “Throw me some Zzzs.”

Example: “He throws more Zzzs than anyone I know.”


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  1. I would associate that sound first with a Super-Pro, and then with any other of the original G-series discs- especially the 80-mold. Well ahead of the SkyStyler era.

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