Episode 117: Krae Van Sickle in the Time of Invention

Krae LacerKrae takes us back to the 1970’s, when so much discovery and invention was taking place in Freestyle. He shares the excitement of working on new moves that often seemed impossible became a reality after a month or so of practicing. Hear about the multi-skill set shows he became part and the impressive community it was connected to. Hopefully, we’ll see some video of that soon. Krae attributes some well known moves and styles to Joey Hudolklin, Jeff Felberbaum, Richie Smits, Kerry Kollmar and the V-Brothers. He shares some interesting insights and talks about how his own play was influenced.

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  1. Me too. Thanks Krae, Jake and Randy.

  2. Always makes my day to hear these historical recollections. Thanks guy!

  3. In many ways my style was the polar opposite of the beauty and grace that Krae brought to the sport. Ironically, all I wanted to do was look like Krae when I played.

  4. Fascinating stuff. Really interesting to hear the genesis of the different tendencies in freestyle teased apart like this. I had a sort of fuzzy, general picture of it, but this made it even clearer, especially the scene in N.Y., which was a real crucible.

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