Episode 118: Amy Schiller Comes Full Circle

Amy UTLWelcome to Amy Schiller, who has had great success in ultimate, overall, and freestyle, is a 7-time mixed pairs Freestyle champion and is one of the best beach jammers in the world. As a student at the University of Illinois in 1981, and already an accomplished athlete, Amy was introduced to Ultimate and quickly realized she had found her tribe. After playing some co-ed, she and her friend Nan, soon started “Drastic Plastic”, a women’s Ultimate team. It wasn’t until she road tripped to Santa Cruz, that she witnessed competitive Freestyle firsthand. Thanks to Donnie Rhodes, Carolyn Hubbard, and Stacy McCarthy for piquing her interest. Although Amy continued to play overall, she and Dave Schiller started competing together in 1994, and as she says, “I fell in love.” Find out what world record Amy still holds.

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  1. This is great, is there a part 2?

  2. Yes, more episodes with Amy are on the way.

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