Episode 20: Allen and Donnie Talk Freestyle Frisbee Philosophy

Donnie and AllenDonnie Rhodes and Allen Elliott continue to take us down freestyle Frisbee memory lane.

  • Donnie and Allen comment on the difference between playing inside and outside.
  • Survive mode and thrive mode is how Randy describes it.
  • Donnie talks about how he and Joey Hudoklin influenced the game early on.
  • Is it true that the discipline and rigor they strived for made it less fun?
  • Hear how the judging system has changed over the years and how some people just have something that is unquantifiable.
  • Donnie answers the burning question, why did he stop playing a sport that meant so much to him?  It gets personal.
  • Find out who Donnie and Allen consider to be the best forgotten players.
  • What are your shoes of choice?


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One Comment

  1. Another great conversation. I was nodding my head about Donnie’s comments about judging, mainly because… I’ve never really been able to evaluate other people’s play on anything other than an intuitive level.

    One thought I’ve had about judging is to leverage modern technology…

    Instead of judging as the play proceeds, have 4 to 8 cameras, maybe some up in the air on poles (or really techno mounted on drones 🙂 ) then (and this is the main point) do the judging after. from the recordings.

    1) people could talk about what they are seeing — this would tend to spread knowledge and understanding to others

    2) recording could be stopped and replayed — less chance of missing something

    3) multiple angles — less chance of missing something

    4) order of play becomes less of a factor. equalizes the playing field.

    5) group activity — more cohesion.

    6) Everybody gets the same judges. Nobody misses out on judging by virtue of playing, and conversely, nobody misses out on playing by virtue of judging.

    7) might simplify the actual play experience. No more corralling judges, less stress about the details of the tournament so more focus on play.


    1) it would kind of have to be a consistent camera setup, or at least above a certain threshold. So some kind of standardization process seems like it would be necessary

    2) cost. Not anywhere near as bad as it used to be. obviously.

    3) need tech savy people to set up rig. Could build up a standard ‘how to’ document.

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