Paganello 2017 – Results

PaganelloSee the team lists here. The semifinals had 2 pools, A and B, each with 3 teams. In a pool, teams played head to head. This made for 3 matches. The winners of each pool advanced to the finals for one last head to head match.

Each match consists of a 3 minute co-op team, 2 person battle format, and a single throw super pro challenge. Read this post for more details.

Pool A: Team Meola, Team Clay, and Team Cega

Match 1: Meola vs Cega, Co-Op: Meola, 2v2: Meola, 1v1: Cega, Result: 2-1 (Meola wins)

Match 2: Clay vs Meola, Co-Op: Meola, 2v2: Clay, 1v1: Clay, Result 1-2 (Clay wins)

Match 3: Cega vs Clay, Co-Op: Cega, 2v2: Cega, 1v1: Cega: Result 3-0 (Cega wins)

Pool A Result: Team Cega advances.

Pool B: Team Gaddoz, Team Nizzo, Team Piccio

Match 1: Gaddoz vs Piccio, Co-Op: Piccio, 2v2: Gaddoz, 1v1: Piccio, Result: 1-2 (Piccio wins)

Match 2: Gaddoz vs Nizzo, Co-Op Nizzo, 2v2: Nizzo, 1v1: Nizzo, Result: 0-3 (Nizzo wins)

Match 3: Piccio vs Nizzo, Co-Op: 6 Piccio, 2v2: Nizzo, 1v1: Piccio, Result: 2-1 (Piccio wins)

Pool B Result: Team Picio advances.

Final Match: Cega vs Piccio, Co-Op: Piccio, 2v2: Cega, 1v1: Cega

Result: Team Cega wins Paganello 2017!! Congratulations to the team:

Marco Prati (Cega), Chris Bellaj, Andrea Rimatori, Filippo Bortot, Francesco Santolin

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