The Precession

Paul Kenny teaches one of his tricks called the Precession. This trick requires two discs. It is almost like an endless cuff, where one disc is cuffing the other in an endless precession. The disc on top slides on it’s rim and rotates around and around.

To perform this trick, hold one disc with a backhand grip. Throw the other on with lots of spin at about a 45 degree angle. Then let is softly land its rim on top of the disc being held. Now rotate the held disc in the opposite direction of the spinning disc. The spinning disc will rotate it’s nose opposite of its spin direction. Keep the held disc at the lowest point of the spinning disc to keep control.

Then, you have options. Pushing upwards at the right moment can cause the spinning disc to turn over. Stopping the rotation can cause the spinning disc to grip the held disc and roll off into a chest roll or other trick. And, I’m sure there is much more to be created here since this is a new and unique trick. So go invent something cool and post about it in the comments.

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